GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra – Which is the best?

Without a doubt whenever you want to buy something whether its mobile or computer or pen. You are always confused about which one to buy? And when it comes to your life-changing decision it’s a bit difficult. No doubt it is my personal opinion. But finally, after extensive research, I have made it easy for you to decide, which one is best for you? GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra

Which software can skyrocket your software business?

Moreover, when you have similar software like GrooveFunnles and Kartra, it’s hard to decide. Not only that, there are differences as well. Firstly let us start with differences.


GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one tool that allows users to build sales funnels, websites, blogs, sell eCommerce products and services, and engages in various marketing activities. Mike Filsaime and his team created GrooveFunnels after leaving Kartra. Indeed this software is one of the world’s fastest-growing digital and eCommerce Marketers. It has been in the market since 2020. 


Kartra is an online marketing platform where it can support you to run your online business. It’s a very reliable and useable system designed to help the business owner. Kartra was founded in 2018 by Genesis Digital (headed by Mike Filsaime). Moreover, Kartra has many features like email marketing, contacts, landing pages, and much more, which made an online business successful.



GrooveSell is an all-in-one eCommerce platform in GrooveFunnels. You can sell both physical and digital products, as well as services and subscriptions. Moreover, it also helps to promote and take payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and services. 

Furthermore, you can do the amazing things in GrooveSell: 

  • Creating a product in GrooveSell
  • Building payment options
  • Setting up the Affiliate program also
  • As well as integrating it with your GroovePages


Kartra sales funnels is a multi-page funnel that converts visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into recurrent clients. Moreover, every page built-in Kartra pages can be interconnected in the exact multi-page funnel flow you need. Kartra sales funnels have multiple features:

  1. Lead Capture Page
  2. Sales Page
  3. Customizable multi-page funnel flow
  4. Automated email marketing 
  5. Sequence builder

GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra – LandingPages


With GroovePages you can make attractive landing pages from scratch or readymade templates. It’s one of many products offered by GrooveFunnels, a software with many different digital marketing tools and services. Above all, you can create effective sales funnels, websites, or landing pages. The best thing is it allows you to share your creations or buy the ones created by others. Particularly with drag n drop plugins, you can do wonders. 


Kartra provides an integrated feature for creating landing pages. In addition, you can use the templates to customize it as per your needs. Drop n drag option is also available. This marketplace also has complete sales funnels that you can choose for your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can test the landing pages with the A/B feature. 

Email Marketing Automation


GrooveFunnels has its email marketing service provider – GrooveMail. GrooveMail is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation platform. Besides this is a user-friendly email marketing solution CRM with Tag for Automation. Moreover, this is easy to use for both newbies and advanced marketers. 

You can do the following with GrooveMail:

  • Build targeted email lists and customer contacts.
  • Setup autoresponders sequences. 
  • Send out email marketing campaigns like broadcasts.
  • Send 500 emails daily and for lifetime users unlimited emails.
  • Use segmentation email marketing. 
  • Use Tags as well.
  • Integrate with websites, landing pages, funnels, besides other GrooveApps.
  • Also, add up to 500 contacts to your free account but unlimited for a lifetime account.
  • Track campaign with inbuilt analytics also.  


Email marketing is so simple with Kartra. The key to crafting amazing emails is a modern, comprehensive, and easy-to-use email builder.

To construct successful automated marketing campaigns that do all the work for you:

  • Can send email
  • follow-ups
  • Opt-ins
  • Sales
  • Post-sales follow-ups
  • subscriptions
  • Tagging
  • Split-testing
  • and more 



GrooveWebinar is part of the GrooveFunnels suite. You can host live webinars with all your favorite features and functionality for free. Moreover, GrooveWebinar integrates with all your pages, cart, and funnels to maximize your sales. It is a competitor to EverWebinar and Webinar Jam.

Some unique features of GrooveWebinar are:

  • Can show your screen, camera, or both.
  • Handle multiple presenters and video or audio Q&A for viewers.
  • Secure rooms
  • Indeed more flexible than other platforms and versatile
  • GrooveWebinar is 400$–497$ if purchased separately but it is free with the platinum version of GrooveFunnels.
  •  It supports both live and automated webinars too.


Kartra does not have an integrated webinar feature. But you can use third-party webinar tools like WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Furthermore, you can integrate with Zoom as well. To follow-up or add-on sequences and beef up the webinar experience, Kartra is extensively used. Whereas, third-party webinars handle the basic reminders.

GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra – Affiliate Program


For lifetime members: GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program is a high-paying affiliate program to promote, that pays up to 40% affiliate commissions per sale. If another affiliate closes the sale, you still get a 20% commission. (Tier 2 commission)

For the free member:  If you are a free member and you get a 20% commission. Apart from this, if another affiliate closes with the sale, you get 10% of the commission. (Tier 2 commission)

Nothing multiplies your revenue like a network of affiliates spreading the good word about your offerings. Kartra’s built-in Affiliate Management System gives you all kinds of options for incentivizing, paying, and interacting with your affiliates. All with one-click simplicity. With the Kartra commission system, you earn 40% commissions for life on every paid user you bring in. You can earn a 10% recurring income for every sale generated by your affiliates on a so-called Tier 2 commission. 

To Explore more about GrooveFunnels > Click Here

GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra – Pricing


GrooveFunnels has two types of access one is free to access for a lifetime, where doesn’t need to pay even a penny. And the other one is paid access. For free access no need to enter even credit card details also. Your free account provides you access to all apps so that you can test a bit of each app.

It provides a lifetime offer with three payment options as of September 9th, 2021.

  • One time payment of $1997 
  • Pay in two months of 2 X $999
  • Pay in 6 months of 6 X $597

The lifetime platinum offer was $1397, and the price increased to $1997 on the 1st of September 2021. The price could further increase by the end of 2021. So, please grab your offer right now. Here you can check the Package descriptions of FREE and Lifetime.

Pricing Plans (GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra)


Kartra offers different plans. It’s so simple to select which pan you want. 

Kartra Pricing Plans Summary

Starter Plan – $99/month

Silver Plan – $199/month 

Gold Plan – $299/month 

Platinum Plan – $499/month 

Karra Pricing (GrooveFunnels Vs Kartra)